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July 31, 2010



I ROYGBIV my closet too!!! With the front of the shirt facing left...


Beautiful! I love all the colors and the organization. Good luck on a new school year.




I read that a week or two ago. Awesome!


Very nice! Thanks for sharing.


oooooh! i love your room and your organization. I want ROYGBIV too!! My files are these horrible olive green army color. Not inspiring at all!!

Did you do your binders like that last year? I love the idea of having them all nicely labeled like that. I have only one 1 1/2 inch binder per kid and I know it's not going to be enough room for their stuff all year... but at the beginning they look SO big too me with only a few sheets in them.

I also love the idea of spreading out friday's work across the first 4 days of the week. I have always wanted to school Mon-thurs, but didnt' want to add on extra weeks to make up for the lost time on fridays. I'm going to have to think about that one... so smart!


I almost wet my pants looking at this. My closet is ROYGBIVed too! :-)


I love how organized you are...this is my goal. Thanks for the ideas.

P.S. I ROYGBIV my shirts, too. You are not alone. I also eat my skittles in rainbow order.

dweej @ HouseUnseen

Wow, wow, wow! You are my hero! We are just starting our homeschooling journey and all I can think about is how we need to paint the den and playroom before we can even start getting organized. That's how bad it is. Can't wait to put some of your ideas into practice.


You have given me sooo many great ideas for organization this school year! Love how you have it all in place...what a GREAT school room!



Where can I find that color coded drawers?love it...


Love, love, love, this post!!! I organize our school year into weeks and file items in each weeks folder too. :)


I am a new homeschooling mom, and I love this post! It is so beautiful. I am a planner and an organizer - or at least I try to be. This is very inspiring. I am trying to figure out how to do school planning and figure out how I am going to organize our school room. Where did you get the racks with the colorful drawers?


Your classroom looks wonderful! I'm working on organizing today and came across your blog while looking for ideas. I love the rainbow colors too, so bright and happy!


Yes where are those drawer bins from?


You're so organized and it looks like your doing a GREAT job...From an 'old' homeschooler :-)


You're clearly very organized (yay, you!), but something here is bugging me a little:

If the kids don't complete all of the work for the given week (they're struggling with a concept can't quite get it all finished, they get engrossed in one topic and you want to stretch it out a little longer, etc.), do you just re-parcel the subsequent weeks' work into the other folders? In some ways your system doesn't look that different from public school pacing guides.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a public school teacher who is very interested in the whys and hows of homeschooling :)


Awesome CLASSROOM! Thanks so much for sharing it, it has given me so much inspiration to put into action :)


I'm a public school teacher that organizes each grade level I teach by color as well. It coordinates with our curriculum but anyway...I love the ROYGBIV drawers you have and was wondering where you got them???


You had me at "ROYGBIV". :)

Kimmie H

Let me just say that I am in awe of you. I wish you could come over for a play date and help me get this organized. I don't know why I can't seem to get a flow going to organize our homeschool supplies. What advice can you give me to help with organizing my school? FYI though, we have no space to really designate to school. We do it in the living room, my dd's bedroom and at the kitchen table. I'm trying to organize my papers, her school books, our templates,(we lapbook&notebook), arts & craft supplies, it's rather exasperating. We can't even utilize my daughters bedroom because she has an 8'x8' dance floor in there. (she is a competative Irish Dancer. I am open to suggestions. Thank You!!! You really do have an amazing school area.

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